The Wellness Cooperative provides Life Coaching and Recovery for those who are interested in making changes in their life.  Coaching can provide the guidance necessary to navigate new roles and experiences.  As an alternative to psychotherapy, life coaching can offer a space to learn new skills, explore values, and find support with a professional who understands the complexities of life.

Life Coaching is for anyone who looking to make changes in their  relationships, career, and life.  Using a holistic approach coach and client create a plan to implement change and craft a more fulfilling life.

Recovery Coaching is for individuals who have completed addiction treatment, but would benefit from the professional support and guidance in establishing a substance free lifestyle.  Professional Recovery Coaching  provides a supportive environment to learn how to create a healthy relationship with peers, family and community, while cultivating a meaningful personal and professional life.  Using a holistic approach coach and client create a customized plan for long-term recovery.  Sessions are used to explore goals and implement a course of  action, based on the client's preferences. 

“Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back if only they had the chance.”  -Princess Diana

The Wellness Cooperative is a radically inclusive space where all are welcome.

We are dedicated to providing a safe space for people of every identity, age size, and ability.

Our staff values and celebrates the diverse ways that Everybody is different.