April 25, 2017

While AA and NA have helped many people over the years, there are countless others who for one reason or another could not manage the steps and were left without direction and perhaps a sober community of supports.

December 5, 2016

Recovery beyond treatment… what does that mean?

In my work with college students I had a realization.  I saw student after student, coming to my office at the counseling center, returning to school after rehab, terrified that they would relapse again.  Time and time again, I heard clients say staying sober in rehab was easy because all they had to do was focus on their sobriety.  However, life outside of the treatment center involved stress, and they were faced with choices (sometimes too many choices).   While their sobriety is a priority, clients shared that they were not fully prepared to deal with the responsibilities of life after treatment.  Being warned about the challenges of sobriety after treatments is one thing. The st...

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The Wellness Cooperative