September 10, 2019

It is widely known that Substance Use Disorder transcends culture, class, gender, and national origin, yet access to treatment and recovery resources are not equitable in the USA.  In recent years the mainstream recovery movement in the United States has been under scrutiny for being Euro-centric and excluding communities of color. While the recovery community is beginning to look within and beginning to recognize that Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) have been excluded from recovery narrative, Angelo Lagares, founder of Latino Recovery Advocacy (LARA) is beating the drum reminding those with access to resources, power, and privilege that the Latinx* community lacks access to treatment as well as recovery supports....

A Bill of Goods: Will Legalization of Cabbabis Result in Social Justice?

With 8 states (and Washington DC) legalizing cannabis for adult use and many more states contemplating legalization, people and organizations have joined the rally cry to legalize cannabis. State NAACP chapters across the country have come out in support of legalization to address criminal justice reform, reduce rates of incarceration among black and brown citizens, and promote social justice.  Proponents of legalization of cannabis cite a decrease in arrests in states that have legalized. Yet, if we look at the stats more closely the data may not be utopian fix to systemic racism that people are all hoping for.

The Drug Policy Alliance (a...

February 20, 2018

12 years ago I witness what I thought was an unusual trend in higher education. Middle and upper-class Euro American students presenting with a need for treatment related to heroin use at the college counseling center. Little did I know that this is not a blip on the screen like I thought it to be, but the beginning of a nationwide trend.

Opioid dependence has been an issue for communities of color since the 1800s. Whether it was the china trade (also known as the Opium War) of the 1800’s, the Vietnam era influx or heroin from the golden triangle, or the war on drugs and the emergence of the golden crescent in the 1980’s and 1990’s communities of color have experienced the dark side of capitalisms cannibalistic nature of prayi...

January 19, 2018

The field of addiction treatment is fraught with issues, from unethical providers, to a lack of evidence-based practices, still there are many programs that provide quality care and have successful outcomes in the short-term.  Yet despite the short-term success of helping people find recovery, many people experience a recurrence of symptoms at alarming rates.  It is said that anywhere from 40-60% of people relapse after Substance Use Disorder treatment, and that people seek treatment an average of 6-7 times before finding long-term recovery.  During a time when people are dying at alarming rates from Substance Use Disorder, there is one resource that seems to have found the key to helping people establish long-term recovery, Col...

May 22, 2017

Collaboration of the coach and clinician are vital to supporting people in early recovery. To ensure a successful relationship clinician, coach, and client need to collaborate to set boundaries, define roles, and set reasonable expectations for their work together.

April 25, 2017

While AA and NA have helped many people over the years, there are countless others who for one reason or another could not manage the steps and were left without direction and perhaps a sober community of supports.

April 10, 2017

A standard component of recovery coaching services offered at The Wellness Cooperative involves providing education to our clients about the risks associated with excessive use of caffeine, and sugar. We offer basic education about finding healthy alternatives to cope with daily stressors.

December 5, 2016

Recovery beyond treatment… what does that mean?

In my work with college students I had a realization.  I saw student after student, coming to my office at the counseling center, returning to school after rehab, terrified that they would relapse again.  Time and time again, I heard clients say staying sober in rehab was easy because all they had to do was focus on their sobriety.  However, life outside of the treatment center involved stress, and they were faced with choices (sometimes too many choices).   While their sobriety is a priority, clients shared that they were not fully prepared to deal with the responsibilities of life after treatment.  Being warned about the challenges of sobriety after treatments is one thing. The st...

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